Red Truck Marriage

"Happy" New Year or Is It? Here's Our Story!

January 27, 2023 Dr. David & Mrs. Stuart Anderson Season 4 Episode 65
Red Truck Marriage
"Happy" New Year or Is It? Here's Our Story!
Show Notes

So we decided to take a quick detour from our series the 6 Topics Couples Argue About in Marriage. Instead, we are discussing our story of struggle as we bring in the New Year, and how we are trying to navigate one day at a time.

We believe it is fitting to commit this first RTM episode of the New Year to a topic that every couple can relate to... hardship. All couples are faced with the decision to either allow "life struggle" to create a divide or cultivate a deeper connection. 

In today's episode, we talk about actions we are taking to grow our marriage amid our current struggles. Our choice to be intentional about these actions is serving us well (most days). Although we continue to feel the heat of the current "fire" we are walking through, our hearts continue to grow closer. How is that possible? Come and see!

So let's get started!

But first, as promised on the podcast...

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